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About Altea Furniture

Altea Furniture is a residential and commercial furniture entity that takes worn or distressed European antiques and gives them new life with modern and traditional techniques, sumptuous upholstering and beautiful detailing. These pieces have been acquired by an antiques buyer in Greece who is backed by generations of antique curating, and each piece has an incredible back story that includes its most recent revitalization in Canada. The individual antiques have been painstakingly chosen, based on their shape, relevancy and market potential, then stripped down and given new life, bringing together the old and the new in an unprecedented way.

Altea Furniture was co-founded by Vassilis Moudakis, who lives in Montreal but makes frequent trips to Europe, where he’s established a reputation for being one of their pre-eminent antique dealers. He and his family have been curating antiques for generations, and his keen eye and meticulous attention to detail have earned him a reputation of amassing the most unique and beautiful antiques in Europe and beyond.

Alexander Parissis is the other co-founder of Altea Furniture. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs who specialized in imports/exports, and his parents had a boutique in Toronto for many years where his mother was a designer.

When Vassilis and Alexander decided to launch Altea Furniture in Montreal, they sought out the design expertise of Alain Courchesne, an award-winning designer who focuses on luxury residential design and high impact spaces.
Together, these three forward-thinkers are revolutionizing the furniture world with Altea.

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